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This is an information by Dr. rer. silv. Thomas Jung expert for Phytophthora, forest and tree diseases and nurseries

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Foresters, gardeners, nursery owners and scientists are increasingly faced with fungal and insect diseases of trees and ornamental shrubs.

More and more of particular importance are introduced invasive pests to which our native species are not well adapted.
Various pathogens, especially Phytophthora species, are favoured by the increasing frequency of climatic extremes. Soilborne Phytophthora species have already invaded many forests, parks and gardens, and are one of the main causes of forest decline.
Our native tree species vary markedly in their susceptibility to different Phytophthora species. Thus, for the regeneration of a stand detailed knowledge of the Phytophthora population of the site is required for the decision which tree species are best adapted to this specific threat.

Recent studies in Germany and other European countries have shown that many nursery fields are also infested with several Phytophthora species.
However, due to the high aggressiveness of these pathogens it is a must that nursery stock should be free from Phytophthoras.
I am offering on a global scale investigations of diseases of trees, forest stands, plantations, nursery stock and nursery beds including consulting and realisation of control measures.

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