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Phytophthora Research and Consultancy

This is an information by Dr. rer. silv. Thomas Jung expert for Phytophthora, forest and tree diseases and nurseries

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Dr. Thomas Jung, Baumspezialist unf Phytophthora-Experte
Dr. Thomas Jung
giving a field seminar

I am offering on a global scale extensive investigations of diseases and damages of trees, forest stands, plantations, nursery stock and nursery beds including consulting and realisation of control measures. Due to many years of international experiences with Phytophthora diseases I am leading in this field of pathology.

My services

  • Diagnosis of diseases and damages of trees, forest stands and plantations including analysis of the disease factors.
  • Testing of nursery stock and nursery fields on infections/infestations by pathogens, in particular Phytophthora species.
  • Detection of Phytophthora species from soil samples and symptomatic tissues.
  • Consulting, recommendation and realisation of control measures, and development of integrated management concepts.
  • Coordination and realisation of small and large scale disease surveys.
  • Participation in research projects.
  • Training of staff in diagnosis of disease symptoms, especially of Phytophthora diseases.
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